Civil law

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Civil law

At Bermúdez Abogados, we understand the complexity of civil law and are here to provide you with the guidance and support needed in a wide range of civil legal matters. From contracts and civil liability to property and succession, our team of civil law specialists is prepared to help you protect your rights and interests.

Family Law

Crises in the family sphere are one of the issues that most significantly disrupt people's well-being, as they not only entail a great deal of emotional burden but also severely affect fundamental matters such as their assets and relationships with their children, especially if they are minors.

Therefore, it is essential to have comprehensive specialized advice from the outset, which always prioritizes consensual solutions and the adoption of agreements, thus avoiding personal and economic wear and tear from legal proceedings.

At Bermúdez Abogados, we will assist you with all matters related to:

  • Your divorce
  • Dissolution of a registered partnership
  • Modification or termination of compensatory or child support payments
  • Settlement of marital property
  • etc.
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Inheritance Law

The field of inheritance law is typically associated with the necessary procedures for distributing an estate after someone's passing. However, efficient management is crucial during these times to:

  • Handle tax settlements.
  • Process life insurance claims.
  • Obtain succession titles in addition to estate partitioning.

Equally essential is the planning of one's own succession. A personalized examination of your personal and financial circumstances enables us to recommend measures and practical solutions that prevent future conflicts among your heirs and save them both procedures and expenses.

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Support Measures for Disabilities

Sometimes it becomes necessary to safeguard the interests of our loved ones who are temporarily or permanently incapacitated and unable to care for themselves.

Despite the pain of this situation, it is necessary to act promptly and anticipate the support measures that the person will need in the future, in various areas such as estate administration, medical decision-making, or the care they require, for which judicial authorization is necessary.

At Bermúdez Abogados, we can assist you in processing the assistance measures that best suit your specific circumstances.

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Traffic Accidents

Our professional recommendation is that in the event of an accident, you do not simply accept the compensation offered to you or leave its processing in the hands of your insurance company's legal services. To them, you will not be a client but just another case to resolve.

We will take care of formalizing the claim and processing the incident so that you receive the appropriate compensation.

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Horizontal Property and Leases

On many occasions, homeowners' associations face the delinquency of some owners. Sometimes unnecessary assessments are proposed, or it is necessary to proceed with the sale or rental of a community apartment or premises. And often there are claims for damages due to water leaks or poorly executed works.

At Bermúdez Abogados, we have extensive experience in this area and can help you effectively resolve all these issues that affect the community financially and generate unpleasant tensions among co-owners.

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Construction Law

Acquiring a home is one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime and can end up being a major source of dissatisfaction when the construction has deficiencies.

Whether it's a newly built property or a comprehensive renovation, current legislation protects the owner, but deadlines are short and claims must be properly directed to be effective. Therefore, quick and specialized advice is crucial to achieve an appropriate solution.

In our firm, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve this.

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Banking law

Revolving cards, usurious loans, abusive clauses, microloans, improper fee charging, inclusion in debtor files... Today, we face a myriad of situations where we may suffer from abusive or outright illegal banking practices.

In our firm, we can assist you in resolving these issues and recovering what has been wrongfully charged to you for years.

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At Bermúdez Abogados, we understand that every legal situation is unique, and we are committed to providing a personalized approach and individualized attention to each client. Our goal is to provide high-quality legal service that not only resolves present issues but also protects our clients' long-term interests in the civil arena.

Don't wait any longer to get the legal help you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start addressing your legal concerns in civil matters with the confidence of having a dedicated team of attorneys by your side.

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