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Family law

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Banking law

We provide you with the expert legal advice you need in financial and banking matters.

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Employment law

Dismissal resolutions, salary claims, disabilities...

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Welcome to Bermúdez Abogados in Avilés! We are a team committed to legal excellence, specializing in a wide range of legal areas, from civil and family law to banking and labor law. Our personalized approach and dedication to effectively resolving our clients' legal issues set us apart.

Allow us to protect your rights and achieve strong legal solutions together. Contact us today to start your journey towards legal peace of mind!

  • Civil law

    From contracts and civil liability to property and succession, our team of civil law specialists is prepared to help you protect your rights and interests.

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  • Family law

    Our team of family law specialists is here to provide you with the support and guidance needed to resolve any legal issues that may arise within your family.

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  • Banking law

    As specialists in banking law, we have assisted all clients in need to protect their interests and rights in banking transactions and related litigation.

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  • Employment law

    As expert labor lawyers, we protect the rights of our clients and promote fair labor practices, including handling dismissals, salary claims, and disabilities.

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Our law firm

We are a law firm located in Avilés, committed to providing high-quality legal services to our clients. Specializing in civil law, family law, banking law, and labor law, among others, our team is dedicated to providing expert legal advice and effective solutions to resolve your legal issues.

At Bermúdez Abogados, we understand that each legal situation is unique, so we strive to offer a personalized approach and individualized attention to each client. Whether you need assistance with inheritance matters, divorce, child custody, banking claims, labor incapacities, dismissals and salary claims, or other legal matters, we are here to help you navigate the legal process efficiently and successfully.

Trust us to protect your rights and defend your legal interests. We are here to assist you!

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About us  

What makes us different

Our distinction lies in a philosophy rooted in providing quality legal advice with total transparency and honesty. We thoroughly inform about risks, costs, and realistic expectations to avoid unnecessarily prolonging the resolution of legal problems or encouraging unproductive litigation.

Additionally, we stand out for offering close and understandable legal counsel, accompanying our clients personally and directly so they understand the legal circumstances affecting them.

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Areas of action

Although we are a multidisciplinary firm, we believe it will be interesting to briefly highlight some of our main areas of practice:

Civil Law:

  • Family Law.
  • Succession Law.
  • Support measures for disabilities.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Horizontal property and leases.
  • Construction Law.
  • Banking Law.

Labor Law:

  • Dismissals and salary claims.
  • Disabilities.
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How can we assist you?

If you have any questions, concerns, or need legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of highly qualified lawyers is ready to provide you with the guidance and legal representation you need.

Call us at (+34) 985 56 36 57 or send us an email using the form on our contact section to convey your concerns and needs, and to provide you with the services you require.

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